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Besides languages, even showbusiness and journalism have featured many moments of my life. Please, click on the pics below and on my Artistic Resume, to learn about my experiences in different fields. Now I am focused on other professional goals but when I met something interesting and I find the time to do it, I never flinch!





I discovered my passion for singing when I was 12 and since then, its fire still burns. My path in the world of music began with the first school parties, the first local contests and then the exam as an author and a composer at SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Society), the advices of Fabrizio Pausini (Laura Pausini's father), the national contests like the Festival di Castrocaro (1998), one of my first great satisfactions where I have been classified in the 67 semifinalists of more than 1300 contestants, and the Accademia di San Remo (1999).

At the beginning of the 2000s I recorded the single CD "Lei che", which gave me the opportunity to collaborate with several local radio stations throughout Italy, to sing at concerts, to see publications about me in Italian newspapers and magazines and to sell 1000 copies of my CD, through the Internet, even in the US, Spain and South America, where I had some features in online magazines.

In 2004, while taking part to the filming of "Grandi Domani", I auditioned for Cinecittà Campus, a school of entertainment, where among hundreds of aspirants I was chosen in the 5 male singers for the singing class. During this experience, I had the opportunity to sing in front of Maurizio Costanzo (director of the school), to attend Tosca's classes (the winner of the Sanremo Festival in 1996 and today's beloved Italian musical theater personality) and to sing in a tribute to Antonello Venditti, at the presence of the famous Roman singer.

In 2006, I decided to focus on finishing university and then working as a journalist. For this reason, I moved away a bit from music, which I met again in 2009 for a project with DJ Mauro Del Principe, which I have lent my voice for, in the house music production "I feel so Spanish", that I wrote with Filippo Pifferi and Mauro del Principe (prod. Mamo Records / Molto Recordings).

To be honest, neither "Lei che" nor house music reflect what I am and what I want to sing. Nowadays, I sing just for the pleasure of doing it, without worrying about following the tastes of the music market and considering it just as a personal pleasure, I can finally be more what I am also in music. Here you can hear some of my old recordings and finally something new! I hope you'll enjoy it!








From 2009 to 2013 I was the owner and the artistic director of the Accademia A. Corelli of my city, Fusignano. Thanks mainly to Professor Lorezza Pirazzini, to all the other teachers and to the students, who have believed in me, it was a real honor for me to run a school that opened for the first time more than 100 years ago, in the name of the famous Musician born in Fusignano, in the seventeenth century and still known all over the world.

Within the school I managed the work of the 12 regular teachers, the organization of events and shows and also taught in some courses. It was an experience that gave me very great satisfactions, including the organization of master classes of the renowned international pianist Maestro Pier Narciso Masi and the preparation of successful musicals, which have led the school to a considerable increase of new registrations. However, at some point I felt the impulse to discover new professional adventures, so Ileft the school to focus on trade and travels.


Badge Festival di Castrocaro (1998) Badge Semifinales Accademia di San Remo - Nuove Proposte (1999) Show at Cinecittà Campus with and for Antonello Venditti (Photo by "PM Magazine" - 2004)




After an acting course in Rome, with great Beatrice Bracco, and other training courses, another super moment that I lived was my participation, in 2005, in a TV series of Mediaset: "Grandi Domani". It was a fiction inspired by the famous "Fame" or the most modern "Glee", where I had a very secondary role, but very important to me anyway, for the opportunity to learn concretely how you work on television, in a project based on the combination of dance, singing and acting. Thanks to this small role, I was took part to some episodes of "Buona Domenica" and "Volere Volare" by Canale 5 (2006) and Cinecittà Campus.

The last experience I had as an actor was in 2010, as a testimonial of Corneliani in Pitti Immagine Uomo (in collaboration with the national film magazine "CIAK"). On that occasion, I had the honor of acting in a kind of short-film ads written by Ivan Cotroneo, already author for Ferzan Ozpetek and several successful TV series. The short-film pot was screened during the opening night of Pitti Immagine Uomo 2010 at Stazione Leopolda in Florence, with the presence of Ozpetek himself, as well as Claudia Gerini, Valeria Solarino and Alessandro Preziosi.

On the set of "Grandi Domani"
with Primo Reggiani - Italia 1 (2005)


With thel cast of "Grandi Domani" -
"Buona Domenica" - Canale 5 (2005)


Book by Ag. Jonh Casablancas - Milano (2003)


While I was still trying to figure out which context of the show business was the most suitable to my personality, I also had some experiences in the world of fashion.

I have worked for some agencies in Milan and Rome, including the "I'm", "Image" and "John Casablancas" Agencies; I had never imagined the real life of models: constantly running from one casting to another, standing in line with hundreds of candidates for a single role and above all without being allowed to eat all the desserts that I love! : / No ... it was not exactly what I aspired for! : P But I have to admit that I have enjoyed and learned a lot thanks to these experiences, especially to be more comfortable in front of a camera.

Among my experiences in this field, I remember my participation in events such as: MIFF (Milano Film Festival - where I participated as a model in the award delivery to Italian actor Franco Nero), Alta Moda Roma, Hairstyle Matrix 2005 catalogue, Pitti Immagine Uomo opening night 2010 (testimonial for Corneliani), etc. You can see in detail all my experiences in my artistic CV.




I started dancing when I was 8, studying ballroom dancing (like in "Dancing with the Stars", for example) and perfecting in folk dances from my Romagna region (waltz, mazurca, polka), boogie-woogie, rock, Caribbean dances (salsa, mambo, bachata), Latin American dances (samba, cha cha cha, rumba, paso doble, jive), and a bit in the standard dances (Wiener waltz, English waltz, foxtrot). The main stages of my experience as a dancer are in my artistic CV, as well as my titles and diplomas are in the homonymous sections of the menu above.

In this adventure, I was accompanied by my dancer Sara Costa, whom I still consider as a sister who shared with me all the good and the bad moments of our adolescence (Sara, I love you!). We danced together until the age of 18, winning competitions (including the Italian Folk Dance Championships of Romagna, in our category) that at first seemed impossible to be won. Especially, we had fun like crazy (a little less when our parents got the phone bills ... and there was no flat rate, yet! Lol).

After years, I have rediscovered my passion for dance thanks to a fantastic group of people whom, by coincidence, I started to teach every Wednesday night (when the various commitments allow). A new demonstration of how dancing is not only competitive spirit and perfectionism, but above all an opportunity to be together also doing a lot of sport, led by the rhythm of music!


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