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C I A O   a   T U T T I  ! ! !

As you've got here, you already know that my name is Massimo... :) So, to complete the presentation, I will also say that I was born June 12th, 1981, that I live in a countryside village (in the province of Ravenna, Italy, but my huge passion for travels and my work often lead me to the remotest areas of the planet. Furthermore, this passion for other cultures led me to speak 10 languages ​​(Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese fluently; Romanian German, Arabic, Russian and Chinese still under study) and to a second degree, taken precisely in Foreign Languages and Literatures (my first degree was instead in Communication Sciences).

Finally, after more than 10 years, here is my web site online, once again. It has been "under costruction" for a long time... like I was too! Actually, I still am, but finally with clear ideas about many things and a new life, reorganized on new projects and new enthusiasm! This site was born when I was 20, for my job as a singer. After some experience in the entertainment and in journalism, the curiosity to experience many different areas has led me to undertake many other different ways and lives. Summarizing is really hard to me! That's why, these pages of self-presentation, in addition to providing tools to foreigners who want to learn Italian, are a help for me to respond more easily to the difficult question: "What do you do now?".

I started working, when I was 17, during my studies. Since then I've changed lots of jobs, up to my current job as an export manager for Ceramica SENIO, a company that produces ceramic tiles focusing on Italian design and high quality. Meantime I manage my own building company (MR Immobiliare) and I occasionaly teach languages, singing and dance. Anyway my main joba are at M.R. Immobiliare and being an export manager.

I really like my jobs because they contain exactly all I like to do and what I studied for: to practice foreign languages, travel, get creative with communication, design and marketing, keep in touch with people from different cultures ... I continue enjoying music and, as well and I opened a channel on YouTube, ​​where I publish videos in 8 languages to let people all over the world know the Italian language and culture, hoping to be helpful to those who have these interests.

Besides my job, I also have many hobbies and interests such as photography, computer science, cooking, psychology and religion. How much I would like to have 30 hours a day to do it all!

Please, enjoy these pages and thank you very much for seeing me! ;)

- Massimo -